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Monday September 1 - 2008
The New Season at LeStudio1.com...
Bernard Bujold creator of LeStudio1.com with
the mascots Miss Gym and Monsieur X.
The fall season is already among us and with this also comes the new season
of programming for the media.
LeStudio1.com is part of the new media that
emerged with the development of the Internet.
LeStudio1.com was established in March 2005. At the time, no major media in
Quebec had a real presence on the Internet except Le Devoir. In Europe, sites of
mainstream media were in the developing stage while in the USA, the media were
trying to discover which format to give to their websites, either a continuity of their
newspapers or an independent entity.
In September 2008, the situation has changed significantly, if one can describe the
change as a trend because in some cases, they say that the more things change,
the more they stay the same and that change is often a return to square one!
In Quebec, there are now dozens of media sites and all major newspaper groups
have developed sites that complement their paper publications. In several cases,
these sites are copies of the paper edition. In Europe, we are seeing the same
outbreak in particular at
Lagardere and its flag magazine Paris Match, but the real
break-border in Internet happened in the USA. Some newspaper groups such as
The New York Times made all their paper publications available on the net.
In all,
The New York Times Company manages 50 websites of major U.S. titles.
A different approach is noticed at
Dow Jones, as it maintains the site of
The Wall Street Journal partly available by paid subscription only. It remains to be
seen how the market will reacts, but there are few media groups that are not
accessible totally free. In Quebec, only
Le Devoir seems to want to retain the
pay subscription formula.
When LeStudio1.com was established, the objective was to associate with a large
media group and develop a formula in convergence. We decided not to create a
local media which would have sold advertising in the local community and we
wanted rather a site supported by the tools of a large media group. Several
discussions have taken place to create partnerships but none has resulted in an
agreement. Several organizations have proposed an exchange of services but we
did not want this kind of barter that does nothing to a business plan aimed at financial
gain. None of the major media groups have wanted to join with LeStudio1.com
preferring to create their own site with their internal resources.
LeStudio1.com welcomed several collaborators in terms of content and over
a dozen people have "stop by" to produce stories for us, without counting the many
public relations officers who send us their press releases and other material.
Today, our team has four collaborators in addition to the avatars that represent
each an editorial sector. Our mailing list exceeds the total of 52 000 e-mail addresses
and the number of individual visitors on the site reaches between 1000 and 2000
visitors per day, depending on the topics covered in the weekly newsletter.
The source territory of the web visitors is 60% from Quebec and 40% from France.
We also receive an average of 200 to 300 e-mails daily.
According to Bill Gates, who retired from Microsoft last June 27 (2008), the Internet
would be in its infancy even though it occupies a huge place in our daily lives.
Gates predicts that in less than 10 years from now the portrait of the Internet will
be completely different from what it is today.
The future promises to be very interesting for all the Internet players.
A development to watch is the "Cloud Computer." These include management of
data by the servers from major suppliers such as Google.
The computer is now just a tool operation rather than a residence for
storing data. Five years ago, a computer was selling on average more than
$ 3 000 whereas today, we found very few beyond $ 1 000, except those of Apple.
The new toy is the Asuz Eee PC at a price of 350$. And what about the iPhone...
LeStudio.com will continue to be very much present on the Internet but his formula
will be transformed to become more a vehicle of opinion. The search for new
information is always the goal and we will use many news platforms as
Word Press, Google and Yahoo!
We are also still talking with media groups and investors for a partnership.
As a famous philosopher said: “The future is unpredictable and you never know
when success will be the appointment. But we must be ready because when
the time comes, the success does not wait.
Good return to work to everyone!