LeStudio1.com - Report
The summer season has been magnificent and many events have marked the
daily life despite the holidays.

LeStudio1.com is very pleased to offer you a series of reports with photos of
the best moments of summer 2010, as published among others place on our Flickr site.

The fall projects will also be very exciting and among the events that attract attention there
are the World Film Festival of Montreal with the presence of stars like Gerard Depardieu,
Nathalie Baye and Che Guevara's son; several launches of new books in both French and English;
television programs; various fairs and exhibitions of art, to name only a few.
It should be added to the list the world news in politics, art, finance and technology.

We will publish stories about these various topics on our websites which
we invite you to visit.

Welcome to everyone in the new season!
August 16, 2010

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"I do not do much, but all the time!"  - José Artur

Picture:  Mademoiselle X and the four mascots LeStudio1.com: Ulysse The Dog, Goguie,
Monsieur X et Miss Gym walking in a park.

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Picture: Bernard Bujold - Creator of the web site LeStudio1.com
The Fall 2010 is near...
Mademoiselle X and the official mascots
August 16, 2010